Why do you need a content strategist?

Imagine setting sail without a destination, or even knowing what the tides and currents are doing!

But oddly, it’s an all-too-easy thing for small business owners to do when they set out to build their own website.

And with so many user-friendly website makers out there today, it happens more than you think. Although many of these platforms have SEO wizards, steps that can have a big impact on your website can be easily missed.

One of these key steps is ensuring your website doesn’t have “thin content”. This means that there simply aren’t enough words on your website to adequately describe what your business does, and how your experience and knowledge can help your potential clients.

Employing a content strategist could be a key step for your business if you want your website to compete against competitor rankings and establish yourself as an authority in your field.

What does a website content strategist do?

A website content strategist is responsible for planning, developing, and managing the content on a website.

A strategist would work with you to establish the goals of your website and company, and develop a content plan that not only adds value for your customers, but is also optimised for search engines.

By regularly updating content on your website, this will also tell Google – and potential customers – that your business is on the ball.

This, in turn, can help to drive more traffic to the site, increase engagement, and improve the overall effectiveness of the website in achieving its goals.

Here at Savant Digital, I can help you take a look at how your business can plan a course towards better content. Contact me today.