What is included in a free website health check?

Have you ever stopped to think about your website health and how well your website is working for you?

Maybe you know your website needs attention but you don't know where to start. Or you do, but don't have the time or would just rather be doing what you love instead - providing top notch service to your own customers.

One thing is certain: As an asset to your business, your website should be maintained and where possible improved as time goes on.

Aside from key features like information about what you do and clear, easy to find contact details, there are a tonne of behind-the-scenes factors that you may not have considered that are making it harder for potential clients to find you.

Your website's main goal is to help your customers find you and understand what you are about, but if your website is not healthy then you will find your website listed after your competitors.

With a free website analysis, Savant Digital can identify in what areas your website needs attention, and if it follows best practice web design standards.

Yes, it's a way of starting a conversation with you, so I can potentially help you with your website. But you are jsut as welcome to take that list away with you and use it to do your own improvements.

So, what is included in a free website health check? Let me explain.

Mobile design and usability

Ensuring your website is easy to use on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is crucial to your website's success.

These days, Google and other search engines rank mobile usability as a number one factor in how to rank your website.

But it's more than just "responsive design". It's also making sure that your website content is tailored for mobile visitors, is easy to use (for example no tiny buttons or clickable areas) and offers them a way of sharing your content.

My free website health check will give you a starting point from which to improve these factors.


Your website's load speed is vital to its performance on the web. If your website is using old and clunky code, or has images in it that are too large, it could be doing you a disservice.

A key indicator to Google of up-to-date your website is how fast your website loads on computers - particularly on mobile devices. This goes hand in hand with mobile website design and it should not be ignored how crucial it is to get this right.

With a free website analysis, we can pinpoint what is slowing your website down and make a plan to improve your website's performance.

Social footprint

Your website's social footprint is another indicator to Google and other search engines of how relevant your business is to potential customers.

Do you have a social media content strategy that drip feeds relevant information to your audience, or simply invites them to connect with you?

A free website health check will give you a score on its social footprint, and from there we can, if you wish to, discuss how to improve that score.

On page content and page structure

Your website page structure should be clean, neat and ordered. My website analysis tool will check page titles, html structure, keyword consistency and phrases.

Why is it important? All of these together help Google and other search engines understand your website's reason for being. If you're not getting it right, you can find your website demoted in ranking.

If your website has a particular purpose (such as serving news articles or recipes), your website should also use the correct schema markup to let search engines know how to display results to people searching for your content.


Metadata is the underlying information that your website serves to search engines. It contains the description of the web page and the website summary and some of it forms what Google and other search engines pull to describe your site in "snippets".

This is why it's so important to ensure that the metadata on your website is saying the right thing to search engines, as this will determine whether users will be able to find you in the first place.

By establishing how well your website deploys metadata, I can help you better leverage your website to improve visibility, traffic, and even new leads.


Both internal and incoming links are important for telling Google and other search engines important information about the usefulness of the information on your website.

If your incoming links are of poor quality, it could be that your website also needs a "link detox".

A website health check will give feedback on how well your website is doing these things. Then, I can help you identify areas for improvement, such as blog writing and content creation that you can use to internally link your content, and will encourage others to link to your site also.

Security and backups

How secure is your website? Most modern websites are made using open source platforms such as WordPress. If your website is one of these it is imperative that you have adequate security in place on your website.

Because platforms like WordPress use open source code, they are targets for hackers. But with a reputable security solution you can ensure your website is not vulnerable to these risks.

A multi-pronged backup plan should also be in place to ensure that if something does happen to your website, you have a way of getting your investment it back.

If you have any further questions or would like to contact me for your free website health check, just send me your details using the form below.

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